Infrared thermometer techmology

Infrared-thermometer1 If you are planning to buy a thermometer for your home for cutting down your heating cost,or for better coking, or other daily needs infrared thermometer might be a good option.

An infrared thermometer is a new technological advancement in the field of temperature measurement which utilizes the thermal property of infrared light to measure temperature.Another term sometimes used for IR thermometer is laser thermometers because a laser is used to help aim the thermometer.
IR light have property of heating substance on which it is falling and every warm object emits it to some degree. By capturing this radiation and giving them to a detector proportional electrical energy can be generated for display.
They are very useful in many of the application where traditional temperature sensor like thermocouples,rtds etc are not so useful which for variety of reasons.


Important terms
Field of view or distance to spot ratio

It is similar as the the angle of vision defined for our eye but it is the angle for which the light can enter the sensor when aimed at target.It creates a spot at the target location depending ob the distance from the target.The target to be measure should completely fill this spot for accurate measurement.
Special laser is designed to help aim and judge the target being accurately covered within this field of view another term used is distance to spot ratio which is nothing but ratio of the distance from instrument to the object to the size of the spot being measured (D:S ratio) which is again approximately angles in radians The larger this ratio the better is the instruments resolution and smaller the spot size that can be measured
Emissivity is defined as the ratio of the radiation that is emitted by the substance to that emitted by perfeIR-thermometer-emmisivityct black body at a given temperature.By that definition emissivity of perfect black body is 1.
IR thermometer will not be accurate unless it is set for the correct emissivity value of the target.
For instruments available with fixed sensitivity generally 0.95 correct reading can be observed by covering the substance with masking tape or flat black paint. And allowing it to reach the temperature of material underneath then measure temperature this will be the correct reading.Otherwise if the instrument emissivity is adjustable Some ways can be deployed to measure the emissivity value of the substance such as
Heating the substance at known temperature and then reading the temperature with ir instrument and matching it by changing the emissivity value.
Or drilling a hole in the substance of depth at least 6 times of diameter.This hole act as a black body measure temperature using IR instrument then match temperature at other location of substance by adjusting emissivity.It is generally suited fro high temperature body.
Standard emmisivity is also available for certain substance which can be directly entered.

How it works.
It consist of a lens to focus the radiation It is similar to an antenna which receives EM waves It then send these signal to a modulator which chops off unwanted interference signal.The modulator output is given to a detector .Now According to detection mechanism,they are divided into two type
:Photon detectors(works on the photoelectric effect)
They have high sensitivity and low respose time but require cooling mechanism for reducing noise.They are most commonly made of semiconductors whose electrons excitation is modulated by incident thermal energy causing change in resistance ( Photoconductive detectors)
Change in photoelectric current in pn junction .(Photo voltaic detectors)

Heat detectors(works on thermal effects.)
They work on change in property of substance on exposure to thermal energy examples include
Bolometer which changes resistance
And thermocouple thermopiles causing thermoelectric effect.

The detector output is processed into desirable analog output format for display device.


Infrared thermometers can be used to serve a wide variety of temperature monitoring functions. A few examples provided to this article include:

• cases dealing with moving objects ( i.e., rollers, moving machinery, or a conveyor belt),
• where non-contact measurements are required because of contamination or hazardous reasons (such as high voltage), electrical circuit breaker boxes or outlets for hot spots Detecting hot spots / performing diagnostics in electrical circuit board manufacturing
• where the object is surrounded by an EM field, as in induction heating;
• where the object is contained in a vacuum or other controlled atmosphere , for research and development or manufacturing quality control situations
• Applications where a fast response is required.
• where distances are too great, Detecting clouds for remote telescope operation
• where the temperatures to be measured are too high for thermocouple or other contact type sensor. Checking heater or oven temperature, for calibration and control purposes
• Monitoring materials in process of heating and cooling
Relate instrument using this technology are infrared cameras
They essentially measure temperature of much more point of relatively larger area to generate a two dimensional image called thermogram.Each pixel is representation of temperature of the mapped location in the image.They require larger processors and sophisticated software unlike spot IR thermometer.They can be used for perimeter monitoring in military.Quality monitoring in process control etc.

Amprobe IR-750 Infrared Thermometer review

Amprobe introduced their on line of infrared thermometers for different types of users .This thermometer(Amprobe 750) has came up in mid of February and as far as i can say i say is well received.They have just released amprobe 720,710,712,730 in addition.

The new infra red models is designed with various distance to spot ratio and temperature ranges for different people with different budgets and applications.Ofcourse higher the price higher versatility. If you are looking for new model for infrared thermometer with cheaper price and comparable quality to that of like fluke etc.Amprobe definitely is best choice.

The best things about these kind of product is their durability and quality.I mean technology used by amprobe can be compared to major player like Fluke with approximately half the price other brand products.For example Amprobe 260 beats fluke 66,26,255 in price and quality as well.


  • Fast and highly acuurate.
  • Solid construction
  • Models available in variety.
  • Adjustable emmisivity


    • A bit shallow LCD vertical viewing angle
    • LCD is not so bright.

Here i am not just talking about a single product but a line of product for you according to your budget.The best one as per my opinion will be Amprobe 750 if you are willing to spend.With this product you will get an astonishing 50:1 distance to spot ratio so you can easily measure temperature from about 15 feet very accurately and in larger temperature ranges and adjustable emissivity from 0.1 10m 1 with 0.95 as default value.This feature is available with all models.

Other then that all these models are incredibly fast and accurate with inbuilt laser pointer.

In all these are the models available right now which are all somewhat latest addition to the store.
Amprobe 710 (10:1 Distance to spot ratio) 0F to 716F
Amprobe 720 (20:1 Distance to spot ratio) -26F to 1922F
Amprobe 750 (50:1 Distance to spot ratio ) -58F to 2822F
Amprobe 712 (12:1 Distance to spot ratio) 0F to 1022F
Amprobe 730 (30:1 Distance to spot ratio) -26F to 2282F.

Of course there are other older model available with good reputation with customer.See list here.And there are other cheaper version also available.But i would recommend to try this product because if you look at the other highly priced models and then compare the features,quality and durability.Amprobe can be comparable to and in many case better then other models.

Fluke-289/FVF FlukeView Forms Combo Kit review

Fluke-289FVF_Combo-KitI recently found this DMM which is quite a latest addition by fluke.It offers all the features offered by previous models with some improvement and addition.The extra accessories included as far as i can say is correctly priced.


Fluke 289 multimeter is best suited for industrial measurement and diagnosis.But of course it can be used for household application as well.Its 100% polyester makes it resistant to rough handling.


  • Incredible voltage Resolution
  • Powerful field diagnostic features


    • : Battery life (Excusable considering that the work done is similar to computer)
    • No AC adapter

One primary feature i found which makes it different from others is its superb measurement resolution.It is true rms measuring DMM which can gives hundredths of a volt in the 500V range. and upto the thousanths of a volt inthe 50V range.

Other features is that it has onfield data trending features which will
eliminates connecting and downloading in pc for graphical display.All features like zooming(upto 14 times), noise filtering are available on meter itself making it possible to analyze measurement data at field itself.It has real time clock which gives you time based dat logging and diagnostic tools like average,peak and minimum voltage in real time.

If you have used older version you may be familiar with its large
50,000-count, 1/4 VGA display with a white backlight, that allows
multiple sets of measurement information.All other traditional measurement like It has quality measuring ability of DMM like resistance,ampere,temperature,continuity etc are very consistent.

It has many features but one notable feature is Low impedance feature which allows you to eliminate “ghost voltages” created commonly when taking voltage from long runs of parallel circuits.

This package is a good investment for your industrial and household use and will cut down your labor of logging into PC time and again and also your cost of buying its accessories separately.Click here

Nest 2nd Generation T200577 Learning Thermostat review

The nest company announced its second generation thermostat in the first week of october this year and since then there have been a hoard of people willing to experiment with the product,even those who have not been a fan of Nest so far.Simply put the the product is too catchy.The new model has become smarter and slimmer then the previous ones at about the same price

I would say that even if you are using another thermostat which is running well or even if you have a first generation installed you should find chance to upgrade to the second generation.

The 2 nd generation thermostat

  • Remembers my preferred temperatures
  • Creates a personalized schedule
  • Turns itself down when my house is empty
  • Uses Airwaves to automatically lower cooling costs
  • allows me to Change the temperature from anywhere
  • allows me to Control Nest anywhere with iPhone, iPad, or Mac
  • Shows exactly when heating or cooling was on
  • Points out what causes spikes in energy use

The new 2 nd generation next thermostat does all that that with upgraded software and improved technology to be compatible with almost all of my heating or cooling appliances.


The new 2 nd generation uses an auto away features which learns when i am away from my scheduling pattern rather then just its proximity sensor.Again the main features is it understand not just you but your appliances too by noting its capacity as well as taking note of appliances their efficiency and performance and schedules itself accordingly.

Installing it was hassle free and it took me about 40 min.But it was less then previous ones.

Also this is refreshingly new product with a cool look and soothing features.I dont know if you are into that but i feel refreshed gazing at my deep blue shiny thermostat once in a while,when i am enjoying my food in my cozy room or a watching a sitcom.

It feels incredible when i watch my electricity bill month after moth giving me discount after discount when i know that i have practically done nothing except like played on my smart phone or tablets.I like that my thermostat knows when i am sleeping or awake or when i am inside or outside and knows to comfort me as and when required.It feels good to know that it have started understanding you and your needs better.